Paul DeLuca

Paul DeLuca

Paul DeLuca

Yoga Teacher

3 Words that Describe Your Teaching Style

Interactive, Liberating & Therapeutic

Why Yoga

Yoga is life and the study of how to do it better. I view vinyasa as almost an interpretive dance of how to live better.  In my only life I have seen it make enormous changes and in others I see better human interaction, expressions of freedom, and bliss.

What’s On Your Yoga Playlist

reggae, acid jazz, electronica, a healthy dose of 90’s, and sacred/Mantra Music

Training Certifications

RYT200 Vinyasa; “Jo Kyo” – Korean Martial Arts Instruction Cert (World Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan); CPR Certified

Who Inspires you

The students.. because once they step foot in “my class,” you and I are one in the same person – the student who teaches the teacher.

Favorite Thing About Tahoe

Wow well nearly everything. I guess to me the vibe is how San Diego, my home town used to feel, chill.. slower paced.